U.S. is supporting the most barbaric terrorists in Syria: Ayatollah Khamenei

In recent days, we spoke about the issue of Syria and it was broadcast in media. They are defending the meanest and most malevolent terrorists. They are helping them whether in Syria or in Iraq. And this help is given to them directly and indirectly. They insist that the formation of the Syrian government should be done in such and such ways. With what right are they saying this? Every people should choose their own fate, political system and government. What is it to you? You have come from the other side of the world with evil and malevolent intentions. The world of arrogance is such a world. Insightful individuals know what they should do against such a world. They know that their position is completely legitimate. Nov 25, 2015

 It would be naive to think that all of these things are due to ideological and ethnic factors and motives. Propaganda campaigns of the West and dependent and mercenary media in the region pretend that the destructive war in Syria is a Shia-Sunni conflict and they create a safety margin for the Zionists and the enemies of resistance in Syria and Lebanon. This is while the two sides of the conflict in Syria are not Shia and Sunni, rather they are the supporters and opponents of anti-Zionist resistance. Neither the Syrian government is a Shia government, nor is the secular and anti-Islam opposition a Sunni group. The only achievement of the plotters of this calamitous scenario is that they have managed to make use of religious sentiments of simple-minded people to kindle this deadly fire. A look at the scene and those who are involved in it at different levels can clarify the issue for any just individual. Apr 29, 2013



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