Zaharia Stancu

I read Zaharia Stancu's book many years ago: Ayatollah Khamenei

The well-known Romanian novelist Zaharia Stancu wrote a book, which I read years ago. The book relates to  a story of the occupation of Bucharest by Germany. A group of people venture out into the woods, they fight, and finally they gain victory. Of course, following the defeat of the Germans, in the overall war, a group of people inside the country seek opportunism; consequently, the occupiers blew the first strike. The story is then narrated; I would indeed never forget it.
This image is not so far-fetched from what we have before us. Apply this image to the international arena: it is an incident that's currently taking place, too. Right now the Middle Eastern region, or better yet, Islamic regions, the Middle East, and North Africa are in similar situations to the city being occupied by the enemy.
Of course this occupation is different from the traditional military occupation: it's one of a cultural, economic, and political nature. It can sometimes happen without the usurper actually being present, unless a military presence or an urgent presence is required. This is more or less true for parts of Asia or Latin America.


Statements made during a meeting with the IRIB managers and officials; December 01, 2004.