Photos: Ayatollah Khamenei met with government officials and ambassadors of Islamic countries

No one should forget that Palestine is the main issue

In a meeting with government officials and ambassadors of Islamic countries held on Wednesday morning July 6, 2016, Ayatollah Khamenei made important statements about the current issues of the region and the world by criticizing those who fund and promote terrorism in order to divert the global attention from the issue of Palestine.


“Sadly, today the Muslim world is deprived of unity and is afflicted with problems and conflicts. When chaos emerges, when Muslims fall into conflicts, spirituality declines. Spirituality and faith, according to the logic of the Quran, needs peace to a great extent. ‘He it is Who bestowed inner peace on the hearts of the believers so that they may grow yet more firm in their faith.’[1] When there is peace, when there is tranquility, when there is security, then humans will have the chance to grow more firm in their faith; by good deeds and by remembering God. When in an Islamic country or in an Islamic setting, people fear their life, properties, securities and do not feel secured, do not have security, there is no peace there; and when there is no peace, this growth of faith won’t happen either. This is what Muslims are afflicted with today,” said Ayatollah Khamenei during the meeting.


Ayatollah Khamenei made reference to the Baghdad bombing by saying: “Today Baghdad is in grief. Many Muslim countries are in grief due to the ongoing wars and bloodshed; Syria is in grief, Libya is in grief, Bahrain is in grief. The Islamic Umma does not deserve to be afflicted with so many problems.”


The Leader of the Revolution raised the question as where these problems and terrorist attacks stem from, adding: “Who is spreading terrorism in the Muslim world? Everyone expresses aversion towards terrorism by words and sometimes they pretend they launch an anti-terror operation- or as the respected Mr. President noted they create bogus coalitions against terrorism- but that is not the truth about them. In reality they spread terrorism.”

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to US interventionist policies towards the region, noting “we have not forgotten that during the first days of the Syrian chaos, the American ambassador went to the rebels’ gatherings to express solidarity with them and to force them into turning a political conflict into a civil war.” He added that political conflicts happen in any country and “why should they turn a political conflict into a war? A war inside a country by promoting fratricide! And by attracting the youth from everywhere with their illegal petrodollars.”

The Leader of the Revolution tapped on the issue of terrorism and recent terrorist attacks in Bangladesh, Turkey, Iraq, etc. and posed a question to Muslims by asking them “Why should we not know our enemy?”

His eminence put further stress on the importance of the Palestinian cause by adding: “No Muslim country and no country with a humane conscience should forget that Palestine is the major issue. Other events and other fabricated turmoil among the Islamic world are mainly aimed at forgetting the Palestinian cause.”

 His eminence further added: “Our admiration also goes to the people of Yemen. They took to the streets on Al-Quds day, marked by a massive turnout in such a hot weather, while under bombardment.” He also acknowledged Bahrain by saying, “We have not interfered on the issue of Bahrain and will not do so, but we will advise them. A political conflict could turn into a civil war in Bahrain; if they possess political wisdom and knowledge, they should avoid this. They should prevent the people into rising up, against one another.”




[1] Quran [48:4]