Ayatollah Khamenei

It is possible to liberate Palestine: Ayatollah Khamenei

"If all efforts and endeavors have been carried out and all that can be done was made available, ultimately we must turn to God, then Palestine can be free."

On the anniversary of Khorramshahr's liberation, Commander-in-Chief of Iran's Armed Forces Ayatollah Khamenei participated in a graduation ceremony for cadets, at Imam Hussain's (a.s.) Military Academy, today.

“The main cause of all their enmities and pretexts is [Iran’s] defiance of Arrogance (a reference to the US axis of powers),” the Leader of the Revolution said, while addressing the audience at commencement ceremony for graduates of Imam Hussain Military Academy in Tehran on Monday.

Ayatollah Khamenei was referring to the USA’s hostile stance against Iran’s nuclear program, missile power and human rights record.

Regarding Iran’s missile program Khemenei said, “Were the Iranian nation ready to surrender they (the arrogant powers) would have compromised over [Iran’s] missile power and nuclear energy and they would have made no mention of human rights. Recently they have embarked on massive media hyperbole, but they must know that such tones and blubber will have no effect and they cannot do a single thing!”

Furthermore, the Leader confirmed that US officials are aware of the Islamic Republic’s refusal to submit in the direction of bullying tactics used by the smug powers; much of this is due Iran’s adherence of Islamic ideology. He highlighted “steadfastness”, “defiance of the enemy” and “safeguarding the revolutionary and Islamic identity” as the main factors of the strength of the Islamic establishment and the Iranian nation. “The USA and other powers are extremely distressed over this issue as they have no other option. That is why they made huge efforts in order to bring the country’s decision-making and decision-taking centers under their control, but they failed and thanks be to God they will fail again,” noted the Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei declared these selfish powers resorted to using all means in their efforts to, “bring the Islamic establishment to its knees and force it into submission”. However, the Iranian people refuse to follow the arrogant powers due to their Islamic beliefs.

While speaking on an important matter, related to the liberation of Khorramshahr, his eminence put emphasis on the Divine power support. He said, "The magnanimous Imam Khomeini (ra), a man of God who had true divine wisdom said, it was God who liberated Khorramshahr."

The Leader of Revolution highlighted that within this logic, when all efforts and endeavors have been carried out and all that can be done was made available, ultimately we turn to God. It is then, that the divine power will come to help as a strong patronage. This reality resulted in the liberation of Khorramshahr from an enemy which had access to absurd weapons and means. Ayatollah Khamenei added, "With the help of this divine logic, it is possible to liberate a world dominated by arrogance, possible to liberate Palestine and it’s possible that oppressed nations may no longer be".

He stressed, “If every nation embraced this logic, while using their efforts and endeavors, puts trust into God, they will certainly not be intimidated by military, financial, and political propaganda of powerful countries.


  • 2016-05-24 10:51
    Good speech
  • 2018-01-16 16:17
    Allied forces of WW2 created israel for war funds from rothschilds ,they used UN as a tool for creating zionist state ,the allowed to create nuclear weapons for the zionist regime ,they punishing the countries against their interests using UN sanctions. The better option to liberate palestine is all OIC members take a decision to withdraw UN , UN-Agencies and Atomic treaties like NPT and CTBT , this will create a new wold order