Meeting with Italian Prime Minister

Europeans' visits to Iran haven't had any tangible results yet: Leader

“Some European governments and companies are coming to Iran to negotiate terms, but the result of such negotiations has not been tangible yet.”

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Tuesday afternoon with Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy. President Rouhani was also present at the meeting.

Referring to the good relations between the two countries in the past and welcoming an increase in the volume of cooperation between Iran and Italy, His Eminence stated that the problem and weaknesses of the recent European delegations’ visits to Iran originates from the intangibility of the practical results of nuclear negotiations. He further stressed: “Our outlook towards cooperating with Italy and with your administration is a different outlook, one that is positive and we hope that this trip will also be in line with strengthening this outlook.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described Italy’s behavior during the time of the imposed sanctions against Iran as more reasonable than that of other western countries, saying: “The Islamic Republic welcomes an improvement in its relations with Italy in different areas particularly in economic areas.”

He stressed that the important issue about interactions and negotiations with foreign countries is the implementation of the agreements that are reached. He added: “Some European governments and companies are coming to Iran to negotiate terms, but the result of such negotiations has not been tangible yet.”

Ayatollah Khamenei added: “Some people think that the Americans are to blame on this matter. Considering their history and behavior, this evaluation seems acceptable. In the present time too, they are not honoring the promises that they made during nuclear negotiations the way they should have. With their statements and actions, they are frightening other sides of cooperating with Iran.”

Referring to the first European trip of Mr. Rouhani to Italy, His Eminence described Iran’s outlook towards Italy as a positive and optimistic outlook, adding: “Of course, we do not have such a positive outlook towards some European countries because they only look to America so that it dictates to them.”

He referred to terrorism as another issue on which Iran and Italy can cooperate with one another, saying: “For long, some European countries continued to support some violent terrorist groups. As a result, today, the dangerous and epidemic wave of terrorism has reached Europe as well.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the financial and arms assistance that America offers to terrorists is one of the obstacles that prevent the issue of terrorism from being resolved: “There is well-documented and precise information about American assistance to DAESH and some other terrorist groups. Even now that the anti-DAESH coalition has been formed, some American organizations are helping DAESH in other ways.”

Expressing his agreement with the statements of the Prime Minister of Italy about the necessity to combat terrorism in cultural areas as well as military and financial areas, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: “The big propaganda apparatuses in the world that are under the domination of western politicians promote Islamophobia only because of the actions of some malevolent terrorists. Therefore, political and behind-the-scenes plots make it difficult to engage in a cultural combat against terrorism.”

The Prime Minister of Italy said: “In today’s meetings, we spoke about important issues – particularly economic issues. We need to reform and strengthen our economic and financial rules and regulations.”

He added: “Italy’s will is completely in the direction of respecting the agreements that have been made. On this basis, we believe that with the nuclear agreement, the sanctions against Iran should be lifted. We are not worried and we are determined to honor the promises that we have made.”

Pointing to the extension of terrorism to Europe, Renzi said that the way to confront terrorism is to uproot terrorist organizations in military ways and cut off the financial resources that they have from selling oil and archaeological relics. He stressed: “Uprooting DAESH is a priority for us and we are happy that we have the same viewpoints with Iran on this matter.”

Expressing his regret at some people’s effort to damage Islam’s reputation with the pretext of terrorism, the Prime Minister of Italy stated: “Today, when a terrorist attack is launched in Europe, some officials condemn Islam instead of condemning terrorism. For example, a candidate in the American presidential elections claims in his election campaign that Islam is to blame on the issue of terrorism!”

Matteo Renzi described cultural work as another area of fighting against terrorism, adding: “We should show that religions are after peace, negotiation and peaceful coexistence of humans. Your power and role as the Leader of the world of Islam will be very significant in promoting this outlook.”