Leader's Message on Zahedan Terrorist Attack

 In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Today is the seventh day of the martyrdom of a group of our faithful and sincere fellow countrymen in Zahedan by bloodthirsty murderers and terrorists. In this bloody event, the evil and criminal hand of prejudiced and misguided Wahhabis - who were supported by foreign espionage organizations - left families and hearts bereaved, hearts that had been enlightened by the light of love and respect for the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) household and purified by the light of pure knowledge and monotheism.

Blind, ignorant and criminal bigots put their misguided heart and dark nature at the service of the corrupt powers who have proven their enmity towards Islam and Muslims on numerous occasions, and they have shown their enmity and spite towards Muslims and have struck blows whenever and wherever they could.

Their enmity towards the Islamic Republic is because of the flag of Islam that has been raised in this country and the Islamic Republic's constant call to unity and Islamic power and glory. In this bloody event and similar events, one of the goals of the enemies is to foment discord among Muslims.

The Islamic Republic that has been the biggest and the most reliable supporter of oppressed Muslims in Gaza, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir and other Muslim areas is now the target of this evil plot hatched by the espionage organizations of America, the Zionist regime and England which wrongly believe they will involve Iran in religious fitna and Shia-Sunni confrontation. They are unaware of the fact that Sunni Muslims in Islamic Iran have frequently proven their loyalty to this sacred Islamic system just like their Shia brothers, and they have bravely and faithfully stood up against the arrogant powers and their mercenaries to defend the Islamic Republic and their dear homeland.

Basically, the emergence and spread of brutal and blind terrorism in our region is the result of the evil policies of the US, Britain and their governmental and non-governmental mercenaries. All Muslims must oppose and fight against this sinister phenomenon which is a clear manifestation of corruption on earth and war against God.

All Sunni denominations of Iran as well as those of the neighboring countries - particularly Sunni religious scholars, intellectuals and academics - whose Islamic reputation has been targeted by these evil policies shoulder a heavier responsibility in this regard. Shia and Sunni scholars of Islamic and Arab countries should clarify for everyone the evil intentions which the enemies pursue through establishing and supporting sectarian terrorism. And they should warn them against the great danger of creating religious fitnas, which is what the enemies desire.

By Allah's permission, the Islamic Republic will not allow the elements of the global arrogance to create discord among Muslim brothers under such names as Wahhabism.

The organizations in charge in all the three government branches must seriously oppose these enemies of security and unity of the country and penalize those who are behind these fitnas. The faithful and pure-hearted people should also stay calm, maintain their insight, and avoid any extremist moves. And they should help the officials of the country fulfill their duties.

I send my regards to the souls of the dear martyrs of the bloody event in Zahedan, who were martyred on the birth anniversary of Imam Hussein (a.s.). I also extend my sympathy to the dear and honorable families of these martyrs and pray to God to bestow patience, forbearance and rewards on the families of these martyrs. I also earnestly pray to Allah to aid the recuperation of the innocent people who were injured during this attack.

Greetings be upon Allah's pious servants
Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Tir 30, 1389