• Solution to current developments on northwestern borders


    Solution to current developments on northwestern borders

    2021-10-10 15:26

    In a videoconference with the joint graduation ceremony of the cadets in the Armed Forces Academies, which was held at the Imam Hussain Military Academy, Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, raised important points about current events in the countries located to the northwest of Iran. For this reason, KHAMENEI.IR has examined current developments along the northwest borders of the country in an op-ed written by Mr. Mohsen Pak-Ayeen, former diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • US humiliated in Afghanistan

    US humiliated in Afghanistan

    2021-07-23 10:30

  • The place of “humanitarian law” in Imam Khomeini’s worldview

    The place of “humanitarian law” in Imam Khomeini’s worldview

    2021-06-03 21:03

    From the beginning of human life, conflicts and wars have been an inseparable part of human life and events such as looting, terrible massacres, and holding women and children captive in different periods indicate that violation of others’ rights and lack of commitment to humanitarian principles have been a recurrent theme in history. Unfortunately, with the development of science and technology and military equipment, the oppressive and bullying humans had no limitations in using it because the main goal was to completely destroy the enemy at whatever cost. Humanitarian law paved the way to develop some principles in an attempt to reduce savagery and cruelty in battles to not only support the victims of these armed conflicts, but to reduce the scope and consequences of the hostilities and wars of the parties to the conflict. The present Op-Ed, published by Khamenei.ir, tries to discuss and locate the principles of humanitarian law, both in theory and practice, in Imam Khomeini’s character and thought. This is done with special attention to Imam Khomeini’s leadership during the Iraqi 8-year imposed war against Iran.