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U.S.’s reaction to Al-Saud’s crimes is shameful

You saw the Saudis committed two crimes against Yemenis, within only one week: at the beginning of the week, they attacked a hospital, killing the patients in the hospital with bombs and missiles; at the end of the week, they attacked a school bus with dozens of innocent 8 and 9-year-old children on board. Do you have 8 or 9-year-olds at home? This is a great tragedy. It truly breaks one’s heart. The Saudis carried out this horrific crime that shook the world.


The horrific news shook the global conscience. Other states issued a message, even if not sincere, they expressed their condolences. The entire world reacted in their own way. But, how did the U.S. react? Instead of condemning an obvious crime, the U.S. spokesperson stated: “We have strategic relations with Saudi Arabia.” --Is this not [a sign of] shamelessness? The U.S. acts in the same manner towards all matters.

Aug 13, 2018


Severe pressures are exerted on Yemen: it is several years now that they have been attacking an oppressed people, nonstop. Of course, they are brave and strong people, and they are resisting, but they are enduring hardships.

Jul 16, 2018


They are people who stand against the people of Yemen at sea with the assistance of some big governments which have advanced weapons. Their goal is to take away a port, which is a breathing point for the oppressed people of Yemen, from them. They kill individuals without any scruples. It is not the case that they are only on bad terms with the Islamic Republic. They are oppressors by nature! They are the apparatuses of oppressive power.

Jun 20, 2018


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