Imam Baqir (as) 720

Honoring Imam Baqir (a.s.) is honoring revival of noble Islamic movement

Commemorating Imam Baqir (a.s.) meant commemorating the revival of the noble Islamic movement in the face of efforts made to distort Islam.

Nov 25, 2009

Imam Baqir (a.s.) gathered people in Mina and said, "Surely the Messenger of God was the Imam." Divine prophets who were the most select human beings are among this kind of Imam. Their responsibility is to guide people. They are guided by Allah the Exalted, and they transfer divine guidance to people. "And We revealed to them the doing of good." Their actions are good deeds, "...and the keeping up of prayer." They keep up daily prayers, which is the secret behind the relationship between man and God. "And Us (alone) did they serve." They are servants of God, just like all other human beings who are servants of God. Their worldly dignity does not at all affect their heartfelt desire to serve God.

Nov 25, 2010 

The person who had become the ruler, and regarded himself as the Imam, saw that the qualifications necessary for the role of Imam existed in Imam Baqir(as) and not in himself. Thus, he regarded Imam Baqir dangerous for his position because he claimed the right of being Imam.

Arrogant and oppressive rulers fought with this spirit; and the Imams (as) stood like a mountain up to them. Of course, in this fight, teachings, jurisprudence, ethics and manners promoted by the Imams (as) played an important role. Preparing more disciples and communications among Shiites increased every day. Shiism was saved thanks to these remarkable men. Imagine a school of thought [Shiism] that, during two hundred and fifty years, many rulers had tried to fight against and destroy. Nothing should have remained from it; it should have been totally ruined; nevertheless, you witness now the high position and expansion of Shiism in the world.

This point is conspicuous in information and poems about Imam Sadigh, Imam Hadi, and Imam Askari (as). They fought and they lost their lives in the way of their causes. Their path continues toward a particular destination. At times, someone might return; someone might go through another way; but the destination is always fixed. 

September 21, 2001

It is appropriate to briefly refer to the life of Imam Baqir (as) on the event of today's occasion and for teaching a lesson. 

Imam Baqir (as) was a perfect, exemplary role model of endeavour and hard work, in the face of many problems, for promoting the religion, the word of truth, and initiating righteous thinking in his era. The goal pursued today by the Iranian nation--that is, reviving the word of truth in the material, perverted and corrupt world--is the goal Imam Baqir pursued alone, with the help of a few companions, in that day's big world.  

July 10, 1989



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