The mourning ceremony on the 27th anniversary of the passing away of Imam Khomeini (r.a)

Anyone who has ever trusted the U.S. was eventually slapped by it: Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed more than a million mourners today, who gathered in Imam Khomeini’s Mausoleum, marking the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Republic founder’s demise. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The enemies are increasing their pressure on Iran because they are afraid of the Iranian nation’s Revolutionary Spirit - a legacy of the late Imam Khomeini.”


Ayatollah Khamenei upheld his predecessor’s beliefs: “Imam Khomeini believed in God and the people, and considered himself a servant of God. He led the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which forced out the enemies and became a source of inspiration for other nations. The Islamic Revolution took the Iranian nation out of the quagmire of dependence on foreigners, corruption and international humiliation. “Ayatollah Khamenei also confirmed, “The materialistic powers were always fearful of Imam Khomeini’s revolutionary approach and today they continue to pressure the nation because of this very same Revolutionary Spirit.”


In his speech the Leader of the Revolution put some emphases on the nuclear talks and said, “Anyone who has ever trusted the U.S. was eventually slapped by it. The sinking of a country's economy into the global economy is not a source of pride but loss, the nuclear talks proved that if you withdraw, the U.S. will not withdraw from its destructive path.” Censuring the global economic system, the Leader said, it is controlled mostly by Zionist elements: “Sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic, on the pretext of its nuclear program, were actually aimed at crippling the Iranian nation and its economy. An Economy of Resistance is the only way for the Iranian nation to achieve economic independence.” Furthermore, Ayatollah Khamenei called upon all state officials to take domestic capabilities into account.


Mourning ceremonies were held by millions of Iranians across the nation to mark the anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s passing. Vast numbers of people travelled from across the country to attend the mourning observance; paying their tributes at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini located in southern Tehran. Ali Ansari, an official in charge of organizing the ceremony at Imam Khomeini's mausoleum, estimated that some 1.3 million people gathered at the complex alone.



  • 2016-06-04 08:21
    true true never trust Americanthey re a rootless nation who are continue to live by killing and looting
  • 2016-06-08 18:16
    Sorry Iran! Today he is right about this!