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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

By Allah's favor, today is an auspicious day for our nation and our future. Also, this meeting is very significant. I pray to Allah the Exalted in supplication to bestow His blessings and grace on the Iranian nation in this new stage of its life and in this new period of management which starts from today.

The statements of our esteemed president were appropriate and timely. It is expected that the subjects he touched on will, by Allah's favor, be the focus of the efforts in the next four years.

The people's presence and the new form of elections in the Islamic Republic, which is a novel initiative in the world, are of utmost importance. It behooves us to further discuss and reflect on the important matter of religious democracy - that is, the unified presence of the public, serious competitions, and genuine efforts by the people alongside divine and Islamic standards. This brilliant combination is exactly what humanity needs, what humanity is thirsty for.

Before the victory of the Revolution, the public had no role in decision-making areas. There were only a number of rulers who used to dominate the people relying on their power and weapons. They used to impose their rule on the people. And when they died, they used to pass this divine responsibility to their children, as if it were their personal possession. The people had no role. The same people who are currently claiming to support democracy, human rights, and other such things used to cooperate with the oppressive and tyrannical Pahlavi regime that used incorrect and inhuman methods to rule. Even when public presence - or at least, claims of public presence - had a significant role in the government of some countries, spiritual values were absent.

Public presence, adherence to spirituality, divine teachings, and submission to Allah are the qualities that make the Islamic Republic prominent as a novel phenomenon. These two [religious and democratic aspects] have come together to form a monolithic reality. The discussion about whether the Islamic or the republican aspect of the Islamic Republic should have priority over the other is meaningless and irrelevant. The republican and Islamic aspects are not two separate entities attached together to form a reality. The republican aspect is at the heart of the Islamic aspect. Relying on the people and respecting their wish and vote are at the heart of relying on divine orders. The Islamic Republic is a unified reality, which is the gift of the Islamic Revolution to the Iranian nation. The efficiency of this system has been tried and tested during the last 30 years.

Those who claim to support democracy must clarify to what extent genuine democracy is practiced by their own governments. Where are public enthusiasm and heartfelt religious fascination that draw people to the ballot boxes to fulfill their responsibility? In which part of these democracies can you see any such thing? This novel system of government is a gift of Islam to us. Alongside this reality, we must pay attention to the enormity of the capacities of the Islamic Republic that has been built on this foundation.

Thirty years have passed since the Revolution. Throughout this time, about thirty elections have been held. Executive managers, legislative officials, and municipal managers have all been chosen through an election. The basic system of government, the Constitution, and the fundamental management of the country have all been chosen through the vote of the public. The capacity of this government, one that has its roots in religious democracy, is very high, and it is far greater than what others see and infer from outside. Even what is stated without any ulterior motives, not to mention the views expressed out of spite, is often rooted in a misunderstanding of the true nature of the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic has had this great capacity since the beginning. Throughout the past 30 years, during which different political tendencies developed out of the great capacity of the Islamic Republic, the transfer of power has taken place peacefully and with respect and kindness. And the executive positions have been passed on to different people in peace.

There have been various tendencies within the Islamic Republic. Some of the management systems that came to power in the past thirty years were not totally consistent with the principles of the Revolution. But the capacity of the Revolution assimilated these tendencies inside it. This capacity helped digest these tendencies and the Revolution broadened its experience and continued its path with more power. The people who wanted to deal a blow to the Islamic Republic from inside did not succeed. The Revolution has continued its straight path with increasing power so far. And all the people within the framework of this establishment, regardless of their tendencies, have helped increase the capabilities of the Islamic Republic. This reality must be considered carefully. This great capacity is the result of the Islamic and republican properties of our government. It is rooted in religious democracy. That is the secret behind the permanence of the invulnerability of the Islamic Republic. These Islamic and republican properties are an integral part of the Islamic Republic, and by Allah's favor, these properties will be preserved.

This year's presidential election was very important. This election holds messages for us. It taught us lessons, broadened our experience, and turned into a means to test us. The election put us to the test. I believe this election was very auspicious. The messages of this election were very important.

The first message of the election was that after the passage of 30 years the ability of the Islamic Republic to mobilize national support has surpassed global norms. There were some people who expected the Islamic Republic to fall into abeyance. They expected the Islamic Republic to fall out of favor with the people and lose its ability to mobilize massive public support. This election showed that the ability of the Islamic Republic to mobilize support has increased on a daily basis. It showed that the Islamic Republic has grown more successful in earning the trust of the general public. That is a very important reality. Some incidental events may sideline this important reality. The essential reality in this election was that the Islamic Revolution, the Islamic establishment, is so appealing, dynamic, and progressive that after the passage of thirty years it can draw the people to the scene in such large numbers.

Another message of this election and the massive presence of the people was that there is mutual trust between the Islamic Republic and the people and that the door is now open to discussions, to different political tendencies, and to the exchange of ideas. This is a sign of the Islamic Republic's self-confidence as well as its trust in the people. The people, too, trusted the Islamic Republic. They went to the polling stations and cast their votes. If the people did not trust the establishment, there would be no such public acceptance. Those who claim there is public distrust are unaware, if not spiteful. What kind of trust is more valuable than entering the arena of the elections, trusting the government with one's votes, and waiting for the government to announce the results? That shows the people's trust.

By Allah's grace, there is public trust, and we expect the officials working in different parts of the government to constantly increase this trust through their behavior. Public trust is the main asset of the Islamic Republic.

The existence of hope and dynamism among the people was another message of the election. Of course this is something natural in our society and country because the majority of our population is young, and the youth are the embodiment of dynamism and hope. They entered the arena with hope - hope for the future. A depressed and hopeless person would not enter the arena of elections. The presence of the people and the youth is a sign of their hope.

This election also broadened our experience. The election was an experience for our nation and officials, and I would like to stress that we must all take this experience seriously. All government officials and all ordinary citizens must take this experience seriously. The experience taught us that there is always a chance that the enemies of Iran and the Revolution may deal a blow to us, even in the best conditions. We must always pay attention to the fact the enemy is lying in ambush. It is dangerous to ignore the possibility that the enemy may thwart the national movement of the Iranian nation. Be vigilant. This is the same advice that has been quoted from Imam Ali (a.s.) in Nahjul Balaghah: "And when you fall asleep, the enemy will not fall asleep." We must not fall asleep in the arena of political life. We must not fall asleep in our strongholds. If you fall asleep, you must know that the enemy may stay awake.

What I am saying is not only an analysis. This is what we have been informed about. The enemies of the Islamic Republic tried to cause trouble for the people in the free atmosphere which the Islamic Republic had created for the people. They spent money, set up different media, and made use of various means to turn this great occasion - which was considered an Eid and a great national celebration for the Iranian nation - into a situation that was against the interests of the Iranian nation. All of us - all the people - should consider this experience as a warning. If we suspect each other in our political and social interactions and consider each other as enemies, our enemy will be provided with an opportunity. If we act without thinking and foresight and forget that there are enemies lying in ambush seeking to deal a blow to the Revolution, we will suffer. This was an experience for us.

The 85 percent voter turnout, with the presence of 40 million people in the elections, has been unprecedented since the beginning of the Revolution. This was the first time that this happened. But during this great opportunity and great celebration, there were people who tried to deal a blow to the Iranian nation. We should be vigilant. Such vigilance is not limited to words only. All the people, different political groups, and those who pursue the interests of the country and the Islamic Republic should be vigilant in the true sense of the word. They should be careful not to be deceived.

There were people who were preparing the ground to use the presidential election as an opportunity to deal a blow to the Iranian nation. Fortunately, the Iranian people were vigilant and they still are. They created doubts in our people's minds and soured this victory for the people to some extent. But they could not achieve their goal. This was due to the vigilance of you people. This was an experience for us which made us understand that the enemies are lying in ambush, seeking to deal a blow to us.

In my opinion, our enemies also gained experience from what happened during the election. If they have not gained any experience, they should do so. The enemies should understand the reality that they are currently faced with. They should not make any mistakes in understanding the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution. They should not think that they can bring the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution to their knees through such superficial acts. The Islamic Republic will continue to survive. They should not think that they can deal a blow to the Revolution and the Islamic Republic through a poor imitation of the great presence of the people in the 1979 Revolution, a caricature of that Revolution. The enemies should have learned such a lesson by now. They should not make a mistake. The Islamic Republic will not be defeated through such words.

The greatness of the Revolution and the Islamic Republic and the firm roots of the Islamic Republic became more evident to the enemies during the events which happened in the past two months. The Iranian nation is a faithful, vigilant, and talented nation. False appearances cannot be used as a tool to overcome the Iranian nation. There were such instances in our history: "And those who built a mosque to cause harm (to Islam) and (to help) disbelief, and to cause disunion among the believers, and a refuge for him who made war against Allah and His Messenger before." [The Holy Quran, 9: 107] These people cannot be deceived through imitating the great Founder of the Revolution - our magnanimous Imam - whose heart and soul were immersed in the Holy Quran. The people's hearts are enlightened by the light of their faith. The people are vigilant. Our youth are vigilant. This is an experience for the enemies.

There were also some tests during the election. First, there was a test for the people. The people emerged victorious out of this test. The great turnout was a great test which brought glory to our people. Many of the people and political groups acted according to their duties. Of course some of the intellectuals failed in this test. There were some people who failed in this test after the election. Although the youth are vigilant and they usually enter the scene in a moral and sincere fashion, some of them made mistakes in some cases. Of course many of our youth acted appropriately through their faith and sincerity. They voted for the candidate they believed in. Whether their candidate was elected or not is not the criterion. What matters is that one should enter this political scene vigilantly to fulfill one's duty after identifying a qualified candidate. After that, everyone should surrender to the law. The majority of our nation - our youth, elites, and people - is in this group, the group that emerged victorious out of this great test. Of course there were also some people who were deceived.

There was also a test for the officials of the country. They should appreciate this opportunity. The honorable president-elect who has been appointed to this important post through the record turnout of the people should appreciate this opportunity and thank God for it. Those who are in the cabinet should also appreciate this opportunity. They should appreciate Islam, their faith, and the light which has enlightened the people's hearts and caused them to enter the scene. Appreciating the Revolution necessitates that government officials use all their capacities and do their best to render services to the people and help the country move towards achieving the goals of the Revolution.

The points which were mentioned by the honorable president are good ones. These plans should be pursued through appropriate planning. I advise the administration officials to pay attention to the role of planning in what they do. Appropriate planning will help the people form an optimistic view of what will happen in the future and be able to make judgments about the progress of the country. Reliance on planning and the law, and cooperation among the three government branches are among your main duties and part of your gratitude to God. This is part of our great duty to thank God. We should thank Allah the Exalted.

God Almighty creates such opportunities for us. He bestows these blessings on us. Thanking God cannot be done through words only. Fulfilling the duties which lie on the shoulders of the officials is the practical way of thanking God. Some of the requirements of fulfilling this duty are cooperation among the three government branches and mutual cooperation between the Majlis and the administration. The judiciary should also help the administration. The administration and the president belong to all those who took part in the election. This should be manifested practically and be taken into account in all future planning.

Of course there are two other groups besides those who support the honorable president. The honorable president has many supporters inside and even outside the country. These two groups should also be taken into account. First, there is an angry and wounded group that will continue to oppose the administration during the next four years. This group will continue to oppose the administration. However, there is another group of people who are part of the Islamic Republic. There is no enmity between them and the president or the Islamic Republic. They may be critical of the administration. These critics should be taken into account. Their views should be considered and whatever is acceptable should be accepted. I hope this is how the administration will act.

The people are all bothers. The officials should help those who suffered during the recent events - whether financially or physically - and the people whose reputation was tarnished. Those who suffered in the recent events should be supported. Those who caused the people to suffer should be identified and prosecuted, no matter who they are.

Our country enjoys various resources. It has various needs and has great goals ahead of it. We have great resources - natural, mineral, and, most importantly, human resources. The human resources of our country are above the global average. These are great resources. Of course we have many needs too. We suffer from persistent backwardness in some cases. We must compensate for such backwardness in all areas - in scientific, technical, social, and cultural areas. This requires making efforts and taking measures.

Thankfully, the administration officials and the honorable president are hardworking. The people have realized this fact and felt it. One of the reasons for the high number of votes for the current president is undoubtedly the tireless efforts of the 9th administration and the honorable president. This should continue. Those resources should make up for the gaps. We need to do great things in the country. Everyone should help if we are to achieve these goals. The different political tendencies should be put aside. When an administration is formed and enters the scene, everyone should help, whether they have the same political tendencies as the administration officials or not, or whether they have criticisms against the administration or not. The executive branch shoulders the heaviest responsibility in the country. Everyone should contribute so that the goals will be achieved.

Hopefully, the officials and the people will benefit from the prayers of the Imam of the Age - may our souls be sacrificed for his sake. This meeting is being held on the eve of the auspicious birth anniversary of that great Imam, and due to this coincidence the prayers of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) will be particularly auspicious for the government officials and the people. I hope the immaculate soul of Imam Khomeini and the honorable martyrs of the Revolution will pray for the Iranian nation. I hope their immaculate souls will be pleased with us all.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings

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